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Redwood Chapel is committed to bringing God creative, joyful, inter-generational and inter-cultural worship. 

  • Our God is creative and innovative, therefore, we strive to reflect that in our worship services through special music, drama, readings, video and other visual elements. 
  • We believe that in the presence of the LORD there is fullness of joy (Psalm 16:11) and prioritize joy in our worship times together by infusing energy and excitement into our worship services as a response to God being both in and with us.
  • Being that God is the god of all ages, nations and tongues, we encourage all musicians, no matter their age or ethnicity, to be a part of the worship team.  
  • We choose music that relates to both young and old, blending contemporary praise choruses with hymns on Sunday mornings, and often incorporating cultural elements into our services. 
  • We teach that worship is a lifestyle and encourage our church to worship throughout their week privately as well as corporately on Sundays.

If you're passionate about worship either vocally or instrumentally and want to get involved with us, please print, complete, and submit a Worship Application.  You can hand this to us following a Sunday service or bring it to the church office anytime during the week. 

For more information, contact:

Joan Kady, Worship Ministry Administrative Assistant

Ben Stultz, Director of Worship